Webhook Ver. 1.2

rel. 1.2.35
Qapla' srl   •   06492420481


Webhook is a notification of an event published in a URL of your choice.

Webhooks are useful for integration with third-party services and other external APIs that support them.

Qapla' webhook is part of the API of Qapla'.


In order to use the APIs it is necessary to be aware of the Private API Keys assigned to your channel(s), which are located on the Control Panel in section "Settings \ [CHANNEL_NAME]"

This API key must be protected and kept secret.



The IP addresses from which it will be possible to receive the POST of the webhook are:


The response of the URL named should be :
{"result": "OK"}
While only in case of error will it be:
{"result": "KO"}


After 100 failed transmission attempts (ie with "KO" or non-compliant response) the service will be deactivated.

Shipments webhook

Each change of shipment status communicated by the courier (ex: if the shipment changes from "delivery" to "delivered"), a POST in JSON format is sent to the URL indicated in the channel configuration on the Qapla' control panel.
In a POST at the endpoint indicated in the channel configuration Qapla' Control Panel, like:
Content-Type: application/json;
Content-Length: 1232
Host: webhook.qapla.it
Connection: Keep-Alive
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0
it will be sent the following communication:

    "statusDetails" will be sent if necessary as follows. For example, note the "STOCK" status detail, referring to the "EXCEPTION" status.


Enable the receipt of products and packages.
Enabling the webhook 1.3 from Qapla' Control Panel allows you to receive information related to products and packages.

Following the description of the individual parameters.
Parameter Description
apiKey(string) The API Key of the channel from which we are receiving the notification.
trackingNumber(string) The tracking number of the shipment
return(int) It is 1 if it is a return shipment
hasChildren(int) It is 1 if the shipment has "child" shipments
isChild(int) It is 1 if the shipment is a "child" shipment
courier(string) The Qapla' courier code
reference(string) Order's alphanumeric reference
date(string) The status date, as reported by the courier
courierStatus(string) The status communicated by the courier
place(string) The place communicated by the courier
qaplaStatusID(string) The "translation" of the status of the courier in the Qapla' status
qaplaStatus Status description
statusDetails The ID of possible detail
custom1 Possible custom1 value of the shipment
custom2 Possible custom2 value of the shipment
custom3 Possible custom3 value of the shipment
Description of additional parameters if version 1.3 is enabled:
Parameter Description
Parameter Description
id(string) Article internal id representation
sku(string) Article code
name(string) Article description
price(string) Price
total(string) Total price
weight(string) Potential article weight
qty(string) Quantity
url(string) The specific url of the product
imageUrl(string) The url of the product image
isReturnable(boolean) If it is true, it indicates the possibility of returning the single item
customsCode(string) Potential code used for customs (HSCode, Taric, etc.)
notes(string) Potential product notes
netWeight(string) Potential net weight of the product
originCountry(string) Product's country of origin ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (Esempio: IT)
unitOfMeasurement(string) Potential unit of measurement
parcelID(string) Potential progressive number, identifying the package number in which the product is shipped
Parameter Description
boxCode(string) Potential box code (if used, the measurements will be taken from the box with the corresponding code)
weight(float) Potential weight of the shipment
length(float) Potential measures: length
height(float) Potential measures: height
width(float) Potential measures: width
originCountry(string) Country of origin of the Parcel ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 (Example: IT)
content(string) Potential description of parcels content
Parameter Description
The full name of the consignee
The address of the consignee
The city of the consignee
The state or province of the consignee
The postal code of the consignee
The country of the consignee
Optional email address of the consignee
Optional phone number of the consignee
The response from URL called must be:
{"result": "OK"}
Only in case of error will be:
{"result": "KO"}

The result "KO" or any other type of wrong answer that is not "OK" will force the webhook to retry the transmission 2 more times in the following hours.


After 100 failed transmission attempts (i.e. with "KO" response or non-compliant response) the service will be disabled.

Enpoint example
The following example of a "listening" page takes the JSON content and processes it.
//...I set the content-type as JSON
header('Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8');

//...API Key that I expect
const API_KEY = '[API_KEY]';

//...I obtain the string sent as a POST
$data = file_get_contents('php://input');

//...If it is empty I get very angry
    exit('{"result": "KO"}');

//...I turn it in a JSON
$json = json_decode($data);

//...If it's an incorrect JSON, I get even more angry
if(($json === false))
    exit('{"result": "KO"}');

//...I verify that the API KEY posted matches, security check.
if($json->apiKey !== API_KEY):
    exit('{"result": "KO"}');

//...I update the potential table
$sql = "UPDATE orders-shipments SET status = ".$json->qaplaStatusID." WHERE id = ".$json->reference;

//...Everything right, I write "result": "OK" in JSON
echo '{"result": "OK"}';

Test your endpoint and send a typical Qapla' transmission.

API Key*
Tracking Number*
Courier Status*
Qapla' Status

Shipments return webhook

Each return request from the end customer * will be sent to an endpoint defined on the Qapla 'Control Panel , details of the return shipment.
*This service is only available after enabling, configuring and purchasing the Automatic Returns (Type 3 Returns) service on the Qapla 'Store.
Below is a detailed example of the POST
Content-Type: application/json;
Content-Length: 1232
Host: webhook.qapla.it
Connection: Keep-Alive
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0

Below is the description of the individual parameters.
Parameter Description
apiKey(string) The API Key of the channel from which we are receiving the notification.
Parameter Description
date(string) Return creation date
reference(string) Order reference
RMA(string) Return Merchandise Authorization Code
parcels(integer) Parcels
weight(float) Weight
trackingNumber(string) The tracking number of the return shipment
Parameter Description
code(string) Code
name(string) Name
icon(string) Link to icon
sender(object) He is the sender of the shipment if different from the contract holder.
Parameter Description
name(string) Sender's name
address(string) Sender's address
city(string) City of the sender
state(string) Province
postCode(string) Post Code
country(string) Country in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format (Example: IT)
email(string) Sender's email
telephone(string) Sender's phone
consignee(object) It is the recipient of the Return shipment.
Parameter Description
name(string) Name / Company name
address(string) Address
city(string) City
state(string) Province
postCode(string) Postal code
country(string) Country in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format (Example: IT)
rows(array of objects) List of items in return
Parameter Description
sku(string) SKU
name(string) Item name
qty(string) Quantity
total(string) Total item cost
reason(string) Reason for returning the item
The response of the URL named should be :
{"result": "OK"}
While only in case of error will it be:
{"result": "KO"}

The result "KO" or any other type of incorrect response other than "OK" will force the webhook to retry the transmission 2 more times in the following hours.


After 100 failed transmission attempts (ie with "KO" or non-compliant response) the service will be deactivated.

Orders webhook

Webhook can be configured to be sent when the shipment is created (label printing) or sent (sending confirmation to the courier), in the appropriate section on Control Panel of Qapla'.
In a POST at the endpoint indicated in the channel configuration on Qapla' Control Panel, like:
Content-Type: application/json;
Content-Length: 1232
Host: webhook.qapla.it
Connection: Keep-Alive
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0
it will be sent the following communication:

apiKey(string) The API Key of the channel from which we are receiving the notification.
orders(array) It is an array of orders.
reference(string) Order reference
orderDate Order date
shipDate Order creation date
courier The Qapla' courier code
trackingNumber The tracking number of the shipment
return(bool) It is true if the shipment has a return
returnTrackingNumber(string) Possible tracking number of return shipment
weight(float) Weight
parcels(int) Packages
length(float) Length
width(float) Width
height(float) Height
amount(string) Shipment cost
isPOD(bool) It is true if the shipment is cash on delivery
customerName(string) Recipient name
customerAddress(string) Recipient address
customerCity(string) Recipient City
customerState(string) Recipient province
customerZip(string) Recipient postal code
customerCountry(string) Recipient country
customerTelephone(string) Recipient telephone
customerEmail(string) Recipient email
notes(string) Any order notes

Test your endpoint and send a typical Qapla' transmission.

API Key*
Order date
Ship date
Tracking Number
Customer Name
Customer Address
Customer City
Customer State
Customer Zip
Customer Country
Customer Telephone
Customer Email

Qapla' Status

It is the interpretation of the status of the shipment with values that Qapla' assigns to each possible state of the courier.

1 PENDING Shipment found but any news yet from courier.
2 WAITING FOR PICK-UP The courier didn’t pick up the shipment yet.
20 DEPARTED Shipment departed.
3 IN TRANSIT The goods are in transit.
50 PROCESSING Processing
4 OUT FOR DELIVERY Shipment in delivery.
5 FAILED DELIVERY ATTEMPT Delivery failed. Early warning for potential problems.
8 DELAY Shipment is suffering delay.
6 EXCEPTION There is a problem; generic or explained by additional icons.
10 PICKUP POINT Delivered to a PickUp Point.
95 RETURNED Shipment returned to sender.
99 DELIVERED The shipment has been delivered to the recipient.


List of Qapla's couriers' codes, in alphabetical order.
TWOGO TWOGO 2GO https://www.parcel2go.com/tracking/ PH
THREE-JMS-LOGISTICS THREE-JMS-LOGISTICS 3JMS Logistics https://www.aftership.com/carriers/3jmslogistics GLOBAL
FOURPX FOURPX 4PX http://express.4px.com/ CN
NINENINE-MINUTOS NINENINE-MINUTOS 99minutos https://tracking.99minutos.com/ GLOBAL
A1-POST A1-POST A1 Post https://a1post.bg/en/track/ PT
ABF-FREIGHT ABF-FREIGHT ABF Freight https://arcb.com/tools/tracking.html#/ US
ACS-COURIER ACS-COURIER ACS Courier https://www.acscourier.net/en/ GR
AG-LOGISTICA AG-LOGISTICA AG Logistica http://www.aglogisticasrl.it/ IT
AIR-EXPRESS-IT AIR-EXPRESS-IT Air Express https://airexpress.it/ IT
AIRPAK-EXPRESS AIRPAK-EXPRESS Airpak Express https://tracking.airpak-express.com/tracking.aspx?stid=airpak&cn= MY
AIRTRANS AIRTRANS AirTrans https://track.wqxs.com/93/ CY
ALBANIA-POST ALBANIA-POST Albania Post https://www.postashqiptare.al/ AL
ALIEXPRESS ALIEXPRESS Aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/‎ CN
ALPI ALPI Alpi World https://www.alpiworld.com/ GLOBAL
AMATI-JR AMATI-JR Amati JR http://www.amatijrtrasporti.it/ IT
AMAZON-SHIPPING AMAZON-SHIPPING Amazon Shipping https://shipping.amazon.co.uk/ IT
AN-POST AN-POST An Post https://www.anpost.com/ IE
ANJUN-LOGISTICS ANJUN-LOGISTICS Anjun Logistics http://www.szanjuntrack.com/Szanjuntrack.asp CN
ARAMEX ARAMEX Aramex http://www.aramex.com GLOBAL
ARAMEX-AT ARAMEX-AT Aramex AT https://www.aramex.com.au/tools/track?l= AU
ARAMEX-AU ARAMEX-AU Aramex AU https://www.aramex.com.au/ AU
ARAMEX-NZ ARAMEX-NZ Aramex NZ https://www.aramex.co.nz/tools/track?l= GLOBAL
ARAS-KARGO ARAS-KARGO Aras Kargo https://kargotakip.araskargo.com.tr/mainpage.aspx?code= TR
ARCO ARCO Arco Spedizioni http://www.arco.it/ IT
ARMENIA-POST ARMENIA-POST Armenia Post https://www.haypost.am/hy/track-and-trace AM
ASENDIA ASENDIA Asendia Europe https://www.asendia.com EU
ASENDIA-DE ASENDIA-DE ASENDIA Germany http://www.asendia.de/ DE
ASENDIA-HK ASENDIA-HK Asendia HK https://www.asendia.hk/cn/tracking/ CN
ASENDIA-UK ASENDIA-UK Asendia UK https://www.asendia.co.uk/tracking/ UK
ASENDIA-UK-PREMIUM ASENDIA-UK-PREMIUM Asendia UK Premium https://watchmyparcel.com/asendia UK
ASENDIA-USA ASENDIA-USA ASENDIA USA http://www.asendiausa.com/ US
ASM ASM ASM http://www.asmred.com ES
ATLANTIC ATLANTIC Atlantic International Express https://atlanticcourier.net/ IN
AUEXPRESS AUEXPRESS Auexpress https://www.auexpress.com/order_track.php CN
AUSTRALIA-POST AUSTRALIA-POST Australia Post https://auspost.com.au/ AU
AUSTRIAN-POST AUSTRIAN-POST Austrian Post https://www.post.at AT
AXLEHIRE AXLEHIRE AxleHire https://tracking.axlehire.com/ GLOBAL
BETSERVICE BETSERVICE B&T Service http://www.betservice.net/ IT
BAHRAIN-POST BAHRAIN-POST Bahrain Post http://www.bahrain.bh/ BH
BEJOT-LOGISTICS BEJOT-LOGISTICS Bejot Logistics https://bejotlogistics.com/order/tracking/ GLOBAL
BELPOCHTA BELPOCHTA Belpochta https://belpost.by/ BY
BENIN-POST BENIN-POST Benin Post http://courrier.laposte.bj/IPSWebTracking/ BJ
BH-POSTA BH-POSTA BH Posta https://www.posta.ba/ GLOBAL
BIZ-COURIER BIZ-COURIER Biz Courier https://www.bizcourier.eu/ GR
BLUECARE-EXPRESS BLUECARE-EXPRESS Bluecare Express https://www.bluecare.express/Home/About UK
BORDER-EXPRESS BORDER-EXPRESS Border Express https://www.borderexpress.com.au/tracking/?cn= AU
BA-POST BA-POST Bosnia And Herzegovina Post http://www.posta.ba//en/track-trace-2/ BA
BPOST BPOST BPost https://track.bpost.be BE
BRACCHI BRACCHI Bracchi https://www.bracchi.it/ IT
BRAZIL-CORREIOS BRAZIL-CORREIOS Brazil Correios http://correios.com.br/ BR
BRT BRT BRT http://www.brt.it IT
BUFFALO-SOUTH-AFRICA BUFFALO-SOUTH-AFRICA Buffalo South Africa https://www.buffaloex.co.za/track.html?number= GLOBAL
BULGARIAN-POSTS BULGARIAN-POSTS Bulgarian Posts https://www.bgpost.bg/en BG
CACESA-POSTAL CACESA-POSTAL Cacesa Postal https://www.cacesapostal.com/Tracking?q= GLOBAL
CAINIAO CAINIAO Cainiao https://global.cainiao.com/detail.htm?mailNoList=&spm=a3708.7860688.0.d01 CN
CARGO-INTERNATIONAL CARGO-INTERNATIONAL Cargo International https://www.cargointernational.de/sendungsverfolgung/tracking/ GLOBAL
CARGUS CARGUS Cargus https://app.urgentcargus.ro/Private/Tracking.aspx GLOBAL
CBL-LOGISTICA CBL-LOGISTICA CBL Logistica http://www.cbl-logistica.com ES
CDEK-EXPRESS CDEK-EXPRESS CDEK Express https://www.cdek.ru/ru/tracking?order_id= GLOBAL
CDEK-TURKEY CDEK-TURKEY CDEK Turkey https://www.cdek.com.tr/en TR
CELERITAS CELERITAS Celeritas https://celeritastransporte.com/ ES
CZECH-POST CZECH-POST Česká pošta https://www.ceskaposta.cz CZ
CEVA-LOGISTICS CEVA-LOGISTICS Ceva Logistics https://www.cevalogistics.com/ GLOBAL
CHINA-EMS CHINA-EMS China EMS http://www.11183.com.cn/english.html CN
CHINA-POST CHINA-POST China Post http://www.chinapost.com.cn/ CN
CHIT-CHATS CHIT-CHATS Chit Chats https://chitchats.com/tracking/ CA
CHOICE-LOGISTICS CHOICE-LOGISTICS CHOICE Logistics https://track.choicelogistics.com/elekta CN
CHRONOPOST-FR CHRONOPOST-FR Chronopost France http://www.chronopost.fr/ FR
CHRONOPOST-PORTUGAL CHRONOPOST-PORTUGAL Chronopost Portugal(DPD) https://chronopost.pt/en/node/167 PT
CHUKOU1-LOGISTICS CHUKOU1-LOGISTICS Chukou1 Logistics http://www.chukou1.com/LogistictsTrack.aspx?trackNo= CN
CHUNGHWA-POST CHUNGHWA-POST Chunghwa POST http://postserv.post.gov.tw/pstmail/main_mail.html TW
CIRRO CIRRO CIRRO https://www.cirroparcel.com/en/tracking-results/?id=&year=2023 GLOBAL
CJ-LOGISTICS CJ-LOGISTICS CJ Logistics https://www.cjlogistics.com/cn/tool/international/tracking KR
CNE-EXPRESS CNE-EXPRESS CNE Express http://www.cnexps.com/ CN
COLDLINE COLDLINE Coldline https://www.coldlinegroup.com/ IT
COLIS-PRIVE COLIS-PRIVE Colis Privé https://www.colisprive.com FR
COLISSIMO COLISSIMO Colissimo http://www.colissimo.fr FR
COLLIVERY COLLIVERY Collivery https://collivery.net/tracking GLOBAL
COMONE-EXPRESS COMONE-EXPRESS ComOne Express http://www.com1logistics.com/tracking.html?trackNo= GLOBAL
CON-WAY-FREIGHT CON-WAY-FREIGHT Con-way Freight https://app.ltl.xpo.com/appjs/tracking/#/tracking US
COORDINADORA COORDINADORA Coordinadora https://www.coordinadora.com/ GLOBAL
CORREO-URUGUAYO CORREO-URUGUAYO Correo Uruguayo https://ahiva.correo.com.uy/servicioConsultaTntIps-wsWeb/seguimientoEnvios/eventosweb?codigoPieza=&retry=433 GLOBAL
CORREOS CORREOS Correos http://www.correos.es ES
CORREOS-EXPRESS CORREOS-EXPRESS Correos Express https://www.correosexpress.com ES
COSCO-EGLOBAL COSCO-EGLOBAL COSCO eGlobal https://elines.coscoshipping.com/ebusiness/ CN
COURANT COURANT Courant https://track.aftership.com/trackings?courier=courant-plus&language=fr&tracking-numbers= GLOBAL
COURIER-EXPRESS-IT COURIER-EXPRESS-IT Courier expres http://www.spacecomputer-web.it/web/courier IT
CRONO-PTI CRONO-PTI Crono Poste http://www.poste-impresa.it/online/pmi/postali/italia/crono-gamma.shtml IT
CRONO-REVERSE CRONO-REVERSE Crono Reverse https://business.poste.it/professionisti-imprese/prodotti/crono-reverse-gestione-resi-ecommerce.html IT
CTC-EXPRESS CTC-EXPRESS CTC Express http://www.ctc-express.com.tw/ GLOBAL
CTS_GROUP CTS_GROUP CTS GROUP https://www.ctsgroup.nl/en/ NL
CTT CTT CTT https://www.ctt.pt PT
CTT-EXPRESS CTT-EXPRESS CTT Express https://www.cttexpress.com/ PT
CUBYN CUBYN Cubyn https://www.cubyn.com/ FR
CYPRUS-POST CYPRUS-POST Cyprus Post https://www.cypruspost.post/ CY
DAC-IT DAC-IT D.A.C https://dac-it.com/ IT
DACHSER DACHSER Dachser https://www.dachser.com/ GLOBAL
DAI-POST DAI-POST DAI Post https://www.daipost.com/ GLOBAL
DAO365 DAO365 DAO365 https://www.dao.as/en/private/track-your-parcel?stregkode= GLOBAL
DAY-AND-ROSS DAY-AND-ROSS Day & Ross https://dayross.com/view-shipment-tracking?division=Freight CA
DAYLIGHT-TRANSPORT DAYLIGHT-TRANSPORT Daylight Transport https://mydaylight.dylt.com/external/shipment?probill= GLOBAL
DBSCHENKER DBSCHENKER DB Schenker https://www.dbschenker.com/ GLOBAL
DELCART DELCART Delcart http://www.delcart.in/tracking_details_3.php IN
DELNEXT DELNEXT Delnext https://www.delnext.com/IT/track_your_parcel GLOBAL
DEUTSCHE-POST DEUTSCHE-POST Deutsche Post https://www.deutschepost.de/ DE
DHL-DE DHL-DE Deutsche Post DHL http://www.dpdhl.com/ DE
DEX-I DEX-I DEX-I https://www.dexi.com.my/ CN
DHL-ECOMMERCE DHL-ECOMMERCE DHL eCommerce http://webtrack.dhlglobalmail.com/ US
DHL DHL DHL Express http://www.dhl.com/ GLOBAL
DHL-FREIGHT DHL-FREIGHT DHL Freight https://www.logistics.dhl GLOBAL
DHL-GLOBAL-MAIL-ASIA DHL-GLOBAL-MAIL-ASIA DHL Global Mail Asia https://ecommerceportal.dhl.com/track/?ref= DE
DHL-HONG-KONG DHL-HONG-KONG DHL Hong Kong https://www.logistics.dhl/hk-zh/home/tracking.html GLOBAL
DHL-PAKET DHL-PAKET DHL Paket https://www.dhl.de/ DE
DHLPARCEL-NL DHLPARCEL-NL DHL Parcel NL https://www.dhlparcel.nl/ NL
DHLPARCEL-ES DHLPARCEL-ES DHL Parcel Spain https://www.dhlparcel.es ES
DMM DMM DMM Network http://www.dmmnetwork.it/ IT
DOTZOT DOTZOT Dotzot http://dotzot.in/index-web.html IN
DPD DPD DPD http://www.dpd.com/ GLOBAL
DPD-HR DPD-HR DPD Croatia https://www.dpd.com/hr/en/receiving-parcels/parcel-tracking/ GLOBAL
DPD-CZ DPD-CZ DPD CZ https://www.dpdgroup.com/cz/mydpd/my-parcels/incoming?parcelNumber= GLOBAL
DPD-FR DPD-FR DPD France http://www.dpd.fr FR
DPD-IE DPD-IE DPD Ireland https://dpd.ie/tracking?deviceType=5&consignmentNumber= IE
DPD-NL DPD-NL DPD Netherlands https://www.dpd.com/nl/en/receiving/track/ NL
DPD-PL DPD-PL DPD Poland https://www.dpd.com.pl/ PL
DPD-PT DPD-PT DPD Portugal https://tracking.dpd.pt/track-and-trace?reference= PT
DPD-RO DPD-RO DPD Romania https://tracking.dpd.ro/ RO
DPD-RU DPD-RU DPD Russia https://www.dpd.ru/dpd/search/search.do2 RU
DPD-CH DPD-CH DPD Switzerland https://www.dpd.com/ch/en/mydpd/ CH
DPD-UK DPD-UK DPD UK http://www.dpd.co.uk/ GB
DPE-EXPRESS DPE-EXPRESS DPE Express http://www.dpe.net.cn/Tracking.php CN
DPEX DPEX DPEX https://dpex.com/track-and-trace/ SG
DSV DSV DSV http://www.dsv.com/ GLOBAL
DX-DELIVERY DX-DELIVERY DX Delivery https://www.dxdelivery.com/consumer/my-tracking/ UK
EARLY-BIRD EARLY-BIRD Early Bird https://earlybird.se/tracking/ SW
EASY-SHIP EASY-SHIP Easy Ship https://www.trackmyshipment.co/shipment-tracking/ GLOBAL
ECMS-EXPRESS ECMS-EXPRESS ECMS Express https://ese.ecmsglobal.com/#/ecms/tracking?order_number= CN
ECOM-EXPRESS ECOM-EXPRESS Ecom Express https://ecomexpress.in/tracking/?awb_field= IN
ECOSCOOTING ECOSCOOTING ECOSCOOTING https://play.ecoscooting.com/tracking GLOBAL
ECUADOR-POST ECUADOR-POST Ecuador Post https://www.correosdelecuador.gob.ec/rastreo-de-envios/ EC
EFMX EFMX eFMX https://www.fmx.asia/cn/result_detail.php?p=1&conno= GLOBAL
EFS-ASIA EFS-ASIA EFS Asia http://web.efs.asia/script/users/tracking.php GLOBAL
ELOG-LUXEMBOURG ELOG-LUXEMBOURG Elog Luxembourg https://www.elog-luxembourg.com/ LU
EMIRATES-POST EMIRATES-POST Emirates Post https://www.epg.gov.ae/ AE
ENERGO-LOGISTIC ENERGO-LOGISTIC Energo Logistic https://www.energologistic.it/ IT
ENVIALIA ENVIALIA Envialia http://www.envialia.com/ ES
EQUICK EQUICK Equick http://www.equick.cn/F10003.aspx CN
ESTAFETA-USA ESTAFETA-USA Estafeta USA https://rastreositecorecms.azurewebsites.net/Rastreo/Resultados/ US
ESTES ESTES Estes http://www.estes-express.com/WebApp/ShipmentTracking/MainServlet CA
EWE-GLOBAL-EXPRESS EWE-GLOBAL-EXPRESS EWE Global Express https://www.ewe.com.au/html/track.html?cno=#track-results AU
EXELOT EXELOT Exelot https://my.exelot.com/public/track/ IL
EXPRESS-COURIER EXPRESS-COURIER Express Courier https://expresscourierintl.com/tracking-results/?tracking_id= US
FAR-INTERNATIONAL-LOGISTICS FAR-INTERNATIONAL-LOGISTICS Far International Logistics https://www.far800.com/ CN
FAROE-ISLANDS-POST FAROE-ISLANDS-POST Faroe Islands Post https://www.posta.fo/search?cc= FO
FASTWAY-NZ FASTWAY-NZ Fastway New Zealand https://www.fastway.co.nz/tools/track/ NZ
FBA-AU-SWISHIP FBA-AU-SWISHIP FBA AU Swiship https://www.swiship.com.au/track/?id= GLOBAL
FBA-CA-SWISHIP FBA-CA-SWISHIP FBA CA Swiship https://www.swiship.ca/track/?loc=zh-CN&id=***** GLOBAL
FBA-DE-SWISHIP FBA-DE-SWISHIP FBA DE Swiship https://www.swiship.de/track/?id= CN
FBA-FR-SWISHIP FBA-FR-SWISHIP FBA FR Swiship https://www.swiship.fr/track?id= GLOBAL
FBA-IT-SWISHIP FBA-IT-SWISHIP FBA IT Swiship https://www.swiship.it/track?loc=it-IT&id= GLOBAL
FBA-JP-SWISHIP FBA-JP-SWISHIP FBA JP Swiship https://www.swiship.jp/track/?loc=ja-JP&id= GLOBAL
FBA-UK-SWISHIP FBA-UK-SWISHIP FBA UK Swiship https://www.swiship.co.uk/track/?id= UK
FBA-USA-SWISHIP FBA-USA-SWISHIP FBA USA Swiship https://www.swiship.com/track/?id= US
FEDEX FEDEX FedEx http://www.fedex.com/ GLOBAL
FEDEX-FIMS FEDEX-FIMS Fedex FIMS http://mailviewrecipient.fedex.com/recip_package_summary.aspx?PostalID= US
FEDEX-POLAND-DOMESTIC FEDEX-POLAND-DOMESTIC FedEx Poland Domestic https://www.fedex.com/apps/fedextrack/?action=track&trackingnumber=&cntry_code=pl&locale=pl_PL PL
FERCAM FERCAM FERCAM Logistics http://www.fercam.com/ IT
FERMOPOINT FERMOPOINT Fermopoint https://www.fermopoint.it IT
FIJI-POST FIJI-POST Fiji Post http://www.postfiji.com.fj/pages.cfm/services/track-trace/ FJ
FINESSO FINESSO Finesso https://www.finesso.it/ IT
FINLAND-POST-POSTI FINLAND-POST-POSTI Finland Post - Posti https://www.posti.fi/private/tracking/#/?lang=en FI
FIRSTMILE FIRSTMILE FirstMile https://track.firstmile.com/detail.php?n= US
FLASHEXPRESS-PH FLASHEXPRESS-PH FlashExpress PH https://flashexpress.com/fle/tracking PH
FLYT-EXPRESS FLYT-EXPRESS Flyt Express http://www.flytexpress.com/Home/LogisticsTracking#orderIds= CN
FREIGHTQUOTE FREIGHTQUOTE Freightquote https://www.freightquote.com/track-shipment/?bol= GLOBAL
GDEX GDEX GDEX https://web3.gdexpress.com/official/iframe/etracking_v4.php?input=&choice=cnGdex MY
GEBRUDER-WEISS-GERMANY GEBRUDER-WEISS-GERMANY Gebrüder Weiss Germany https://www.gw-world.com/#/ GLOBAL
GEIS-CZ GEIS-CZ Geis CZ https://www.geis-group.cz/en/tracking-tracing?p= CZ
GEL-EXPRESS GEL-EXPRESS GEL Express https://srv4.thalmaier.de/gel/send/EN-en/TrackingAndTracing.aspx?sp=1&snr=&submit.x=13&submit.y=7 DE
GENIKI-TAXYDROMIKI GENIKI-TAXYDROMIKI Geniki Taxydromiki https://www.taxydromiki.com/track/ GR
GEODIS GEODIS Geodis https://geodis.com/ FR
GLOBALTR GLOBALTR Global Trasporti http://www.globaltrasporti.com/ IT
GLOBEGISTICS-INC GLOBEGISTICS-INC Globegistics Inc. https://us.mytracking.net/globegistics/portal/ExternalTracking.aspx?track= US
GLS-ITA GLS-ITA GLS http://www.gls-italy.com IT
GLS-CA GLS-CA GLS Canada https://gls-canada.com/en/express/tracking/result GLOBAL
GLS GLS GLS Europe https://gls-group.eu/ EU
GLS-EUROPE-WW GLS-EUROPE-WW GLS Europe WW https://gls-group.eu/GROUP/en/home GLOBAL
GLS-FR GLS-FR GLS France https://gls-group.eu/FR/fr/home FR
GLS-DE GLS-DE GLS Germany https://www.gls-pakete.de/en/parcel-tracking?match= DE
GLS-PL GLS-PL GLS Poland https://gls-group.com/PL/en/parcel-tracking PL
GLS-SK GLS-SK GLS Slovakia https://gls-group.eu/SK/en/parcel-tracking.html?match= GLOBAL
GLS-SPAIN GLS-SPAIN GLS Spain https://m.gls-spain.es/ ES
GLS-US GLS-US GLS US https://www.gls-us.com/Tracking/PackageDetail US
GO-EXPRESS GO-EXPRESS GO! Express & Logistics https://www.general-overnight.com DE
GOGLOBAL-POST GOGLOBAL-POST Goglobal Post https://www.goglobalpost.com/track-detail/?t= GLOBAL
GRAND-SLAM-EXPRESS GRAND-SLAM-EXPRESS Grand Slam Express http://icms.grandslamexpress.in/webtracking/WebTracking.aspx IN
GUERNSEY-POST GUERNSEY-POST Guernsey Post https://www.guernseypost.com/track-trace GG
HAPPY-POST HAPPY-POST Happy Post https://happy-post.com/en/track/ GLOBAL
HEPSIJET HEPSIJET HepsiJET https://www.hepsijet.com/gonderi-takibi/ GLOBAL
HERMES-DE HERMES-DE Hermes Germany https://www.myhermes.de DE
HERMES-IT HERMES-IT Hermes Italy http://www.hermes-italy.it/ IT
HERMES HERMES Hermes UK https://www.myhermes.co.uk GB
HKD HKD HKD http://www.hkdexpress.net/index.php?m=track&a=index AU
HONG-KONG-POST HONG-KONG-POST Hong Kong Post https://www.hongkongpost.hk/en/home/index.html HK
HOTWMS HOTWMS HOTWMS http://www.hotwms.com/trace.html GLOBAL
HRP HRP HR Parcel https://www.hrparcel.com/ IT
HRVATSKA-POSTA HRVATSKA-POSTA Hrvatska pošta https://www.posta.hr HR
HUA-HAN-LOGISTICS HUA-HAN-LOGISTICS Hua Han Logistics http://www.hhddb.com/default/index/get-track-detail CN
HUNTER-EXPRESS HUNTER-EXPRESS Hunter Express https://www.hunterexpress.com.au/tracking/ US
ICS-COURIER ICS-COURIER ICS courier https://www.icscourier.ca/online-services/parcel-tracking.aspx CA
IDS-GERMANY IDS-GERMANY IDS Germany https://www.ids-logistik.de/de/sendungsverfolgung?trackingNumber= GLOBAL
IMILE IMILE iMile https://www.imile.com/track/ AE
INPOST INPOST InPost https://inpost.it/ IT
INSTALLO INSTALLO Installo https://www.installo.it/ IT
INTEGRA2 INTEGRA2 Integra2 https://www.integra2.es/ ES
INTELCOM INTELCOM Intelcom https://intelcomexpress.com/en/tracking/ CA
INTEXPRESS INTEXPRESS Intexpress http://www.internetexpress.co.za/Home/TrackWBOnline GLOBAL
JT-BRAZIL JT-BRAZIL J&T Brazil https://www.jtexpress.com.br/trajectoryQuery?waybillNo= GLOBAL
JT-EXPRESS JT-EXPRESS J&T Express https://www.jet.co.id/track ID
JT-EXPRESS-PHILIPPINES JT-EXPRESS-PHILIPPINES J&T Express Philippines https://www.jtexpress.ph/index/query/gzquery.html PH
JT-EXPRESS-THAILAND JT-EXPRESS-THAILAND J&T Express Thailand https://www.jtexpress.co.th/service/estimated-price TH
JT-EXPRESS-UAE JT-EXPRESS-UAE J&T Express UAE https://www.jtexpress.ae/trajectoryQuery?waybillNo=&type=0 AE
JANCO-ECOMMERCE JANCO-ECOMMERCE Janco Ecommerce https://track.jancoecommerce.com/cargotracking_ecom/itxp/xpop/xpordertrack?as_order_no= GLOBAL
JCEX JCEX JCEX https://www.jcex.com/html/web/guijichaxun/index.html?nums= CN
JD-EXPRESS JD-EXPRESS JD Express http://www.jdwl.com/order/search?waybillCodes= CN
JERSEY-POST JERSEY-POST Jersey Post https://www.jerseypost.com/ GB
JNE JNE jne https://cekresi.jne.co.id/ GLOBAL
JTEXPRESS-VN JTEXPRESS-VN jtexpress-vn https://jtexpress.vn/track?billcodes=&btn_track= GLOBAL
JUSDASR JUSDASR JusdaSR https://jusdaeurope.com/en/package-tracking/ CN
KANGAROO-WORLDWIDE-EXPRESS KANGAROO-WORLDWIDE-EXPRESS Kangaroo Worldwide Express http://www.kangaroo.com.my/ MY
KERRY-ECOMMERCE KERRY-ECOMMERCE Kerry eCommerce https://kerry-ecommerce.com/en/track-trace/ GLOBAL
KERRY-EXPRESS-TH KERRY-EXPRESS-TH Kerry Express TH https://th.kerryexpress.com/en/track/?track= US
KERRY-EXPRESS-VN KERRY-EXPRESS-VN Kerry Express VN https://kerryexpress.com.vn/tracking.aspx?tc= VN
KERRY-LOGISTICS KERRY-LOGISTICS Kerry Logistics http://www.expba.com/emmis/www.kerryeas.com.html GLOBAL
KERRY-TJ-LOGISTICS KERRY-TJ-LOGISTICS Kerry TJ Logistics https://www.kerrytj.com/en/ GLOBAL
KOREA-POST KOREA-POST Korea Post https://www.epost.go.kr KR
LA-POSTE LA-POSTE La Poste https://www.laposte.fr/ FR
LATAM-YOU LATAM-YOU LATAM YOU https://latamyou.com/#/newTrack?no= GLOBAL
LATVIJAS-PASTS LATVIJAS-PASTS Latvijas Pasts https://pasts.lv/ LV
LBC-EXPRESS LBC-EXPRESS LBC Express https://www.lbcexpress.com/us/track/?tracking_no= GLOBAL
LD-LOGISTICS LD-LOGISTICS LD Logistics http://www.ldlog.com.cn/cxwl.asp CN
LEBANON-POST LEBANON-POST Lebanon Post https://www.libanpost.com/arabic/individuals/mailing LB
LEXSHIP LEXSHIP Lexship https://track.lexship.com/ IN
LICCARDI LICCARDI Liccardi Trasporti https://www.liccarditrasporti.com/ IT
LIECHTENSTEIN-POST LIECHTENSTEIN-POST Liechtenstein Post https://www.tnt.com/express/de_ch/site/home/applications/tracking.html?searchType=CON&cons= LI
LIEFERGRUN LIEFERGRUN Liefergrün https://en.liefergruen.de/sendungsverfolgung GLOBAL
LIETUVOS-PASTAS LIETUVOS-PASTAS Lietuvos Paštas https://www.post.lt/ LT
LM-PARCEL LM-PARCEL LM Parcel https://www.lmparcel.com/search?nums= GLOBAL
LONE-STAR-OVERNIGHT LONE-STAR-OVERNIGHT Lone Star Overnight https://www2.lso.com/access/package-tracking?seo_redirect=1 US
LUXEMBOURG-POST LUXEMBOURG-POST Luxembourg Post https://www.post.lu LU
LWE LWE LWE http://www.lwe.com.hk/tracking CN
MACEDONIA-POST MACEDONIA-POST Macedonia Post https://www.posta.com.mk/ MK
MAGYAR-POSTA MAGYAR-POSTA Magyar Posta https://www.posta.hu/ HU
MBE-ES MBE-ES Mail Boxed Etc https://www.mbe.es/es/tracking?c= ES
MBE-IT MBE-IT Mail Boxes Etc. Italia https://www.mbe.it/ IT
MAILAMERICAS MAILAMERICAS MailAmericas http://tracking.mailamericas.com/search US
MALTA-POST MALTA-POST Malta Post https://www.maltapost.com/ MT
MEEST-EXPRESS MEEST-EXPRESS Meest Express https://t.meest-group.com/en GLOBAL
MOLDOVA-POST MOLDOVA-POST Moldova Post http://www.posta.md/en/tracking?id= MD
MONDIALRELAY MONDIALRELAY Mondial Relay https://www.mondialrelay.fr FR
MONTENEGRO-POST MONTENEGRO-POST Montenegro Post https://e-racuni.postacg.me/PracenjePosiljaka/ ME
MRW-ES MRW-ES MRW http://www.mrw.es/ ES
NACEX-ES NACEX-ES Nacex https://www.nacex.es/ ES
NANJING-WOYUAN NANJING-WOYUAN Nanjing Woyuan http://www.nanjingwoyuan.com/ CN
NEWAY NEWAY Neway https://esmart.newaytransport.com/v6/tracking/Track.external?refno= GLOBAL
NEXIVE NEXIVE Nexive http://www.nexive.it/ IT
NINJA-VAN-MALAYSIA NINJA-VAN-MALAYSIA Ninja Van Malaysia https://www.ninjavan.co/en-my MY
NINJA-VAN-SINGAPORE NINJA-VAN-SINGAPORE Ninja Van Singapore https://www.ninjavan.co/en-sg/tracking?id= SG
NINJA-VAN-VIETNAM NINJA-VAN-VIETNAM Ninja Van Vietnam https://www.ninjavan.co/en-vn/tracking?id= VN
NOPAR NOPAR Nopar Solutions http://noparsolutions.com/ ES
NOVA-POSHTA NOVA-POSHTA Nova Poshta https://novaposhta.ua/tracking/index/cargo_number//no_redirect/1 UA
NT-LOGISTICS-VN NT-LOGISTICS-VN NT Logistics VN https://www.ntlogistics.vn/chi-tiet-van-don.html?bill= GLOBAL
NZCOURIERS NZCOURIERS NZCouriers https://www.nzcouriers.co.nz/nzc/servlet/ITNG_TAndTServlet?barcode_data=&page=1&VCCA=Enabled&Key_Type=BarCode#Detail_0 US
OMAN-POST OMAN-POST Oman Post https://www.omanpost.om/track-trace OM
OMNI-PARCEL OMNI-PARCEL Omni Parcel http://track.omniparcel.com/?id= GLOBAL
OMNIVA OMNIVA Omniva https://www.omniva.ee EE
ONEXP ONEXP One Express http://www.oneexpress.it IT
ONTRAC ONTRAC OnTrac http://www.ontrac.com GLOBAL
ORANGE-CONNEX ORANGE-CONNEX Orange Connex http://www.orangeconnex.com.cn/tracking CN
ORANGEDS ORANGEDS OrangeDS https://tracking.orangeds.com/ US
OVERSEAS-TERRITORY-US-POST OVERSEAS-TERRITORY-US-POST Overseas Territory US Post https://tools.usps.com/go/TrackConfirmAction_input US
PACKETA PACKETA Packeta https://tracking.packeta.com/ GLOBAL
PALLETW PALLETW Palletways http://www.palletways.com EU
PALLEX PALLEX Pallex https://www.pallex.it/ IT
PANDU-LOGISTICS PANDU-LOGISTICS Pandu Logistics https://pandulogistics.com/track ID
PARCEL-FORCE PARCEL-FORCE Parcel Force http://www.parcelforce.com GB
PARGO PARGO Pargo https://pargo.co.za/track-trace/ ZA
PCA PCA PCA https://www.pcaexpress.com.au/tracking/?c= AU
PFC-EXPRESS PFC-EXPRESS PFC Express http://www.pfcexpress.com/Manage/WebManage/Inquire.aspx?txtID=No CN
PICKRR PICKRR Pickrr https://pickrr.com/tracking/#/?tracking_id= GLOBAL
PICKUPP PICKUPP Pickupp https://hk.pickupp.io/en/tracking GLOBAL
PIDGE PIDGE Pidge https://tracking.pidge.in/login IN
PITNEY-BOWES PITNEY-BOWES Pitney Bowes https://trackpb.shipment.co/track US
PITT-OHIO PITT-OHIO Pitt Ohio https://pittohio.com/myPittOhio/Shipping/LTL/TraceRequest GLOBAL
POCZTA-POLSKA POCZTA-POLSKA Poczta Polska http://www.poczta-polska.pl PL
POS-MALAYSIA POS-MALAYSIA Pos Malaysia https://www.pos.com.my/ MY
POST-HASTE POST-HASTE Post Haste https://www.posthaste.co.nz/phl/servlet/ITNG_TAndTServlet?page=1&VCCA=Enabled&Key_Type=BarCode&barcode_data= IT
POST-ONE POST-ONE Post One https://postone.eu/en/track?code= BG
POSTA-ROMANA POSTA-ROMANA Poșta Română https://www.posta-romana.ro/ RO
SLOVENIA-POST SLOVENIA-POST Pošta Slovenije https://www.posta.si SI
POSTAPLUS POSTAPLUS PostaPlus https://www.postaplus.com/?trackid= KW
PTI PTI Poste Italiane http://www.poste.it IT
MILKMAN MILKMAN PosteGoFresh https://www.milkman.it/ IT
POSTEN-NORGE POSTEN-NORGE Posten Norge https://www.posten.no/ NO
POSTI POSTI Posti https://www.posti.fi/ FI
POSTNL-INT POSTNL-INT PostNL International http://www.postnl.post/ NL
POSTNL-3S POSTNL-3S PostNL International 3S https://www.internationalparceltracking.com NL
POSTNORD-DENMARK POSTNORD-DENMARK PostNord Denmark https://www.postnord.dk DK
POSTNORD-SWEDEN POSTNORD-SWEDEN PostNord Sweden https://www.postnord.se/ SE
PRESSIODE PRESSIODE Pressiode http://pressiode.de/sendungsverfolgung GLOBAL
PRO-CARRIER PRO-CARRIER Pro Carrier https://tracking.weareprocarrier.com/?tn= UK
PUROLATOR PUROLATOR Purolator https://www.purolator.com/purolator/ship-track/tracking-summary.page US
QHD QHD QHD https://www.qhditalia.it/ GLOBAL
QUIKENMX QUIKENMX QuikenMx https://api.quiken.mx/track GLOBAL
RAIDEREX RAIDEREX RaidereX https://app.detrack.com/w/#/tracking/s/c2ed7ab0c381d61e1959731ff286cbb0ba590cb4 GLOBAL
RDA RDA Ramoneda http://www.ramoneda.com/ ES
RL-CARRIERS RL-CARRIERS RL Carriers https://www.rlcarriers.com/shiptrace.asp US
ROADRUNNER-FREIGHT ROADRUNNER-FREIGHT Roadrunner Freight http://tools.rrts.com/LTLTrack/?searchValues= GLOBAL
ROYAL-MAIL ROYAL-MAIL Royal Mail http://www.royalmail.com GB
RPOST RPOST RPost https://www.errepost.it/ IT
RUSSIAN-POST RUSSIAN-POST Russian Post https://www.pochta.ru RU
RUSTON RUSTON Ruston http://www.ruston.cc/customer/xiaojianchaxun.html CN
RZY-EXPRESS RZY-EXPRESS RZY Express http://rzyexpress.com.sg/track.php SG
SF-EXPRESS SF-EXPRESS S.F. Express http://www.sf-express.com CN
SAGAWA-GLOBAL SAGAWA-GLOBAL Sagawa Global https://tracking.sagawa-sgx.com/sgx/trackeng.asp?enc=ENG&cat=AWB&awb= JP
SAIA-LTL-FREIGHT SAIA-LTL-FREIGHT Saia LTL Freight https://www.saia.com/track US
SAILPOST SAILPOST Sailpost http://www.sailpost.it IT
SMM-IT SMM-IT San Marino Mail http://www.sanmarinomail.sm IT
SAN-MARINO-POST SAN-MARINO-POST San Marino Post https://www.poste.sm/on-line/home/servizi/servizi-on-line/tracciatura-oggetti-a-firma.html#service SM
SAP-EXPRESS SAP-EXPRESS SAP Express https://www.sap-express.id/en/track-awb IN
SAUDI-POST SAUDI-POST Saudi Post https://splonline.com.sa/en/shipmentdetailsstatic/?tid= SA
SDA SDA SDA http://wwww.sda.it IT
SDA-RACCOMANDATA SDA-RACCOMANDATA SDA Raccomandata http://wwww.sda.it IT
SDK-EXPRESS SDK-EXPRESS SDK Express http://www.sdk-express.cn/track.aspx GLOBAL
SENDABOX SENDABOX Sendabox http://www.sendabox.it IT
SENDING SENDING Sending Transporte Urgente https://www.sending.es ES
SETEL-EXPRESS SETEL-EXPRESS Setel Express https://track.setel.com/t/ GLOBAL
SEUR SEUR Seur http://www.seur.com ES
SF-INTERNATIONAL SF-INTERNATIONAL SF International http://www.sf-express.com/us/en/dynamic_function/waybill/#search/bill-number/ CN
SGT SGT SGT Corriere Espresso http://www.sgt.it/ IT
SHIP-IT-ASIA SHIP-IT-ASIA Ship It Asia https://viewider.com/labs/shipment/track GLOBAL
SHIPA SHIPA Shipa https://tracking.shipadelivery.com/?bc= AE
SHIPENTEGRA SHIPENTEGRA ShipEntegra https://track.shipentegra.com/result GLOBAL
SHIPROCKET SHIPROCKET Shiprocket https://www.shiprocket.in/shipment-tracking/ IN
SHOPEE-EXPRESS-PHILIPINES SHOPEE-EXPRESS-PHILIPINES Shopee Express Philipines https://spx.ph/#/detail/ PH
SHREE-ANJANI-COURIER SHREE-ANJANI-COURIER Shree Anjani Courier http://anjanicourier.in/Doc_Track.aspx?No= GLOBAL
SINGAPORE-POST SINGAPORE-POST Singapore Post https://www.singpost.com/ SG
SINOTRANS SINOTRANS Sinotrans http://www.sinotrans-csc.com/ CN
SKY-POSTAL SKY-POSTAL SKY Postal https://tracking.skypostal.com/single-tracking.aspx?trck_number= GLOBAL
SKYNET-ITA SKYNET-ITA SkyNet Italy http://www.skynetitaly.it IT
SKYNET-SOUTH-AFRICA SKYNET-SOUTH-AFRICA Skynet South Africa https://api.skynet.co.za:3227/api/waybill/getWaybillTracking/?waybillReference= GLOBAL
SKYNET SKYNET SkyNet Worldwide Express http://www.skynetwwe.com/ GLOBAL
SLOVAK-PARCEL-SERVICE SLOVAK-PARCEL-SERVICE Slovak Parcel Service https://www.sps-sro.sk/en/track-trace/ SK
SLOVAKIA-POST SLOVAKIA-POST Slovakia Post https://tandt.posta.sk/en SK
SMSA-EXPRESS SMSA-EXPRESS SMSA Express http://www.smsaexpress.com/Track.aspx?tracknumbers= SA
SOUTH-AFRICAN-POST SOUTH-AFRICAN-POST South African Post https://www.postoffice.co.za ZA
SPEDIAMO SPEDIAMO Spediamo.it http://www.spediamo.it/ IT
SPEE-DEE-DELIVERY SPEE-DEE-DELIVERY Spee-Dee Delivery https://speedeedelivery.com/track-a-shipment/ US
SPEEDAF-EXPRESS SPEEDAF-EXPRESS Speedaf Express https://speedaf.com/cn-cn CN
SPRING-GDS SPRING-GDS Spring GDS https://www.spring-gds.com/ EU
STALLION-EXPRESS STALLION-EXPRESS Stallion Express https://stallionexpress.ca/tracking/ GLOBAL
STARKEN STARKEN Starken https://www.starken.cl/ GLOBAL
STEF-IT STEF-IT STEF https://www.stef.it/ IT
STO-EXPRESS STO-EXPRESS STO Express http://www.sto.cn CN
SUSA SUSA Susa https://flex.susa.it/Home IT
SWISS-POST SWISS-POST Swiss Post https://www.post.ch/ CH
SZENDEX SZENDEX Szendex https://erp.szendex.com/DlWebTrackingVWE/?seg= ES
T-CAT T-CAT T Cat https://www.t-cat.com.tw/inquire/explain.aspx CN
TWS TWS T.W.S. Express Courier http://www.twsexpresscourier.it IT
TEAM-GLOBAL-EXPRESS TEAM-GLOBAL-EXPRESS Team Global Express https://teamglobalexp.com/ AU
TECNO-TRANS TECNO-TRANS Tecnotrans http://www.tecnotrans.eu IT
TEMPO-ONE TEMPO-ONE Tempo One https://www.tempo-one.com/ FR
TFORCE-FREIGHT TFORCE-FREIGHT TForce Freight (UPS Freight) https://www.tforcefreight.com/ltl/apps/Tracking?proNumbers= US
THABIT-LOGISTICS THABIT-LOGISTICS Thabit Logistics https://thabit-logistics.com/track-shipment GLOBAL
TPC TPC The Professional Couriers (TPC) https://www.tpcindia.com/Default.aspx IN
TIPSA TIPSA TIPSA http://www.tip-sa.com/ ES
TNT TNT TNT http://www.tnt.com GLOBAL
TNT-AUSTRALIA TNT-AUSTRALIA TNT Australia https://www.tntexpress.com.au/interaction/trackntrace.aspx AU
TNT-CLICK TNT-CLICK TNT Click http://www.tnt-click.it IT
TNT-ES TNT-ES TNT España http://www.tnt.es ES
TNT-FRANCE TNT-FRANCE TNT France http://www.tnt.fr/ FR
TNT-ITA TNT-ITA TNT Italia https://www.tnt.it/ IT
TNT-UK TNT-UK TNT UK http://www.tnt.com/express/en_gb/site/home.html GB
TOLL TOLL Toll Group https://www.tollgroup.com/ GLOBAL
TOURLINE-EXPRESS TOURLINE-EXPRESS Tourline Express http://www.tourlineexpress.com ES
TRACKNATOR TRACKNATOR Tracknator https://www.tracknator.com/#/track/ GLOBAL
TRACKON-COURIER TRACKON-COURIER Trackon Courier http://trackoncourier.com/default.aspx IN
TRAKPAK TRAKPAK Trakpak http://www.trackmytrakpak.com EU
TRANSAHER TRANSAHER Transaher https://transaher.es/ ES
TRUNKRS TRUNKRS Trunkrs https://parcel.trunkrs.nl/ GLOBAL
TTKD-EXPRESS TTKD-EXPRESS TTKD Express http://www.ttkdex.com/staticFiles/pages/queryExpress.html CN
TYP TYP TYP https://typ.delivery IT
UK-MAIL UK-MAIL UK Mail https://www.dhl.com/gb-en/ecommerce/business-users/uk-mail.html UK
UNITED-DELIVERY-SERVICES UNITED-DELIVERY-SERVICES United Delivery Services http://www.uniteddeliveryservice.com/packageTrack.php GLOBAL
UNIUNI UNIUNI UniUni https://uniexpress.ca/tracking?no= GLOBAL
UPS UPS UPS http://www.ups.com/ GLOBAL
UPS-GROUND UPS-GROUND UPS Ground https://www.ups.com/track?loc=en_US&tracknum=&requester=WT US
UPS-MAIL-INNOVATIONS UPS-MAIL-INNOVATIONS UPS Mail Innovations https://tracking.ups-mi.net/packageID/ US
USPS USPS USPS https://www.usps.com/ US
V-XPRESS V-XPRESS V-Xpress http://www.vxpress.in/track/ IN
VENIPAK VENIPAK Venipak https://venipak.com/tracking/track/ LT
VIETNAM-POST VIETNAM-POST Vietnam Post http://www.vnpost.vn/en-us/dinh-vi/buu-pham?key= VN
VIETTEL-POST VIETTEL-POST Viettel Post http://en.viettelpost.com.vn/ VN
WE-WORLD-EXPRESS WE-WORLD-EXPRESS We World Express https://www.weworldexpress.com/wwe/track CN
WEDO-LOGISTICS WEDO-LOGISTICS WeDo Logistics https://www.wedo.cz/ GLOBAL
WHISTL WHISTL Whistl https://trackmyitem.whistl.co.uk/tracking/ UK
WINIT WINIT Winit http://track.winit.com.cn/tracking/index.php?s=/Index/result CN
WISHPOST WISHPOST WishPost https://wishpost.wish.com/tracking CN
WIZMO WIZMO Wizmo https://shipwizmo.com/tracking GLOBAL
WNDIRECT WNDIRECT wnDirect https://wndirect.com/tracking.php?type=OR&ref=&submit=# UK
XDP-EXPRESS XDP-EXPRESS XDP Express https://www.xdp.co.uk/track.php?c=00000&code=000 UK
XPO-LOGISTICS XPO-LOGISTICS XPO Logistics https://track.xpoweb.com/ltl-shipment/ GLOBAL
XPRESSPOST XPRESSPOST xpresspost https://www.canadapost.ca/trackweb/en#/search?searchFor= CA
YAKIT YAKIT Yakit https://shipping.yakit.com/tracking?yakitId= US
YANWEN YANWEN Yanwen http://www.yw56.com.cn/ CN
YDH YDH Ydh http://www.ydhex.com/ CN
YODEL YODEL Yodel Domestic http://www.yodel.co.uk/ GB
YTO-EXPRESS YTO-EXPRESS YTO Express http://www.yto.net.cn/gw/service/Shipmenttracking.html CN
YUNEXPRESS YUNEXPRESS Yun Express http://www.yunexpress.com/ CN
YUNDA-EXPRESS YUNDA-EXPRESS Yunda Express http://www.udalogistic.com/index CN
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